What a Demand!

My job, when I am not being a mom, wife or teacher, is being a freelance writer. I have a journalism/communications degree; I thought I would go into the reporting or newspaper business. That didn’t happen. I met my husband, also a journalism major, and got married. Upon graduation, we both took jobs that we didn’t really want or like, just to pay the bills. When my husband decided to go after a reporting job, we also found out we were pregnant with Buster, our first child. I discovered vicariously through the Reporter that I wouldn’t like being a reporter. At least not like he is. I am not really comfortable walking up to strange people and asking all sorts of personal questions. He thrives on it, however.

I still needed and wanted to work, however, this time from home. I tried all sorts of things from working the phones to being an online tutor, before finding Demand Studios. I have currently worked for Demand for almost two years. I write online content that appears on several different websites, including eHow. I have written a few different clients as well, writing art school brochures, small business websites and other things. It’s not a huge income, but I enjoy it. I am able to fit it in to my daily schedule in small sections, which is perfect. If I am awake at 4:30am, I can work. If the kids are watching a movie in the afternoon, I can work. It fits my needs amazingly. God knew what He was doing when I stumbled across Demand Studios that day in the fall. I don’t even remember how we found it; when Kyle was out of a job for 5 months in 2009/2010, both of us worked for Demand as freelancers. It helped us pay the bills, feed our children and stay in our home. I’m not saying times weren’t tough; they were. But we survived.


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