Read a Book, Give a Book

My kids love to read. I’m sure they got that from my husband and I; when given a free few minutes, you can usually find us with a book in hand. We don’t generally buy books, because they are so pricey. Instead, we visit our library at least once a week. The nice thing is, because we live on the border between two states, we can actually visit two different library systems! Hooray for us!

The bad thing about this is that I always have a fine on my card. I lose at least one book a year (although I usually find it later!). I have taped numerous picture books back together. But what marvelous adventures my family has had!

We have started reading chapter books to our children at night before bed. I started with The Boxcar Children. After all, who doesn’t love a little adventure without the parents? We moved on to The BFG, one of my husband’s favorite books growing up. The Pee Wee Scouts came next, a favorite series of mine growing up. My husband is now reading Dr. Dolittle; it’s a little old for Buddy, but Buster and Ballerina are really enjoying it. I can’t wait until we get to more of my favorites growing up!

We like to read picture books in school that go along with the subject we are learning about. I recently stumbled upon We Give Books, an organization that donates a book for every book read on their site. You can choose to have your donated books go to Africa, Florida, Chicago or preschools across the country. They have a large collection of fiction and non-fiction books for ages 0-teens.

Buddy and I read two books just this morning; our letter of the week is “D”, so we read about Ducks See How They Grow: Duck

and Dinosaurs.Let's Look: Dinosaurs

I will admit, with the Dinosaur one, we just kind of skimmed and looked at the pictures.


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