Fun School Fillers

Sometimes I get bogged down in trying to come up with things to fill in the gaps in school time. You know, when one child finishes their work, but you can’t start them on something else because you are in the middle of something with another child? I think this is more common with the very young children, as they can’t really read instructions on their own or do too much independent learning.

I recently hit up the Dollar Store and found a lot of cool school supplies. They don’t always have stuff, it’s really hit or miss; that day was a definite hit!

I found this set of magnetic alphabet letters. They had upper can lower case letters, as well as a picture that starts with each letter. I had ballerina put all the capital letters in order. (It looks like we are schooling at night, if you look at the window, but it was the middle of the morning…bad lighting, I guess!)

Buddy had to put both upper and lower case letters in order. They really enjoyed doing this activity.

It may be difficult to see in the next photo, but these are Bingo cards I printed up last year. I don’t remember where I got them. They have letters, numbers and shapes on them. The kids have all the corresponding cards in a bag, which they pull out one at a time. They then put a Unifix Cube on their square that matches.

They love this game, and it’s something they can play on their own. Buster gets really excited when one of his gets pulled, and he can put a cube on it.


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