Speech Therapy

Buster has been attending speech therapy at the local elementary school for two weeks now. Even though he is three, he qualifies for state therapy help through South Carolina. Most, if not all, states offer speech therapy through an Early Intervention type of program. The National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities offers a state search to discover if your state offers any help. You could also simply call the Board of Education offices in your county to find out information for your area.

Buddy attended speech therapy in Florida from ages 2 1/2 to about 4 1/2. He had a problem where he just wouldn’t speak. He started to form words, but then kind of regressed to where he wouldn’t even try to speak. The therapy helped him a lot, and now he is rarely quiet.

Buster has a different problem that we didn’t notice at first. He talked all the time! It was hard to get him to stop talking. The problem was it was hard to understand. He didn’t put the endings on most words and he substituted different letters in weird places. We started the process the summer before he turned 3, and he had his first therapy appointment a few days after his birthday. He has now been 5 or 6 times and we have already seen improvement. The therapist told us his speech problem shouldn’t be noticeable by the 3rd grade (!) but I’m hoping it won’t take that long.


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