Spaghetti Night

The other night I made spaghetti for dinner. And it was good. A can of Hunt’s tomato sauce, a box of thin spaghetti, a regular green salad and some cheesy bread. And it got me to wondering…I see all these blogs, magazines and Food Network shows that post fancy or ‘quick’ meals for your family; most of these meals I don’t think I would eat, let alone my kids. Plus, how are these recipes any quicker than basic spaghetti?

Does anyone eat spaghetti anymore? Or does everyone try to dress up the meal a little bit? My entire family, including my husband, raved about the spaghetti the other night; they thought it was great! I’ve tried buying the more expensive brands of sauce, and we didn’t like it; we threw away the last batch of spaghetti after we forced ourselves to eat enough not to be hungry later. We keep coming back to the basic can of sauce.

Not that there is anything wrong with trying new recipes; I have tried some that we absolutely love. But on days that have been long with school, speech therapy, doctor appointments for two kids, soccer practice for one child and church for the other two kids, spaghetti is the perfect meal.  I always have the ingredients in my pantry for days when I don’t feel like making anything.

So here’s my question…Do you have any basic meals that may not make it into a magazine, but you love anyway?


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