Taking a Break

Today I am taking a break from searching for jobs for my husband. He is so busy at work (he works 8-5:30ish, then delivers pizza in the evenings Thursday through Saturday) that he doesn’t have time to look for his own jobs. He spends every day working, applying for jobs, trying to balance time with the kids, time with me and time for himself. He is trying his best to provide for us, I feel it is my job to spend time each day searching for jobs for him. He does the actual applications and resumes, however.

But yesterday, I was frustrated. There were no jobs out there that I felt were applicable. It was an exercise in frustration. And because of that, I was frustrated and short with my kids. Not a good combination.

We have been searching for a new job since November. It seems like it’s been a long six months. He has heard ‘no’ numerous times, but no actual interviews. I don’t know what the problem is. We really wanted to stick to Florida or Georgia, but we’ve extended our search range numerous times. We’re now applying all over the country.
He’s also considered switching career paths. He is a newspaper reporter. Did you know they don’t make a lot of money? According to a new poll put out by the Wall Street Journal and CareerCast.com, this job ranks at #196 out of 200 jobs. This factors in stress on the job, salary and job outlook. Yeah, exciting for us! So where does your job rank?

But anyway, I’m taking a break today. We’re going on a history walk downtown to learn about our local Titanic Hero, Archie Butt. Granted, my husband already wrote a full profile and story to go in tomorrow’s newspaper, but we thought the walk might be interesting. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow!


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