The Augusta Canal Museum

So besides going to see the Archie Butt Memorial Bridge and learning a little about his life, we got to see the inside of the Canal Museum. I’ve lived in Augusta for two years and never knew this existed! I am a sucker for history, so I ate it up. My husband and kids also seemed to enjoy it. We learned about how they built the canal so Augusta could become a cotton and clothing manufacturing city, the major one in the South. Very interesting stuff, I love learning all these new things.

The Major Archibald Butt Memorial Bridge. The city was considering tearing it down in 1983 or so, but a group got together to try and save it. They made sold bumper stickers that said "Save our Butt!" and had a rock concert called "Butt Jam!" Oh, the jokes could go on and on...

We had fun inside the museum after the walk down to the bridge.

These things are so fun, and they make me laugh. The kids had a great time.

But then I had to take individual pictures of each child…they were hilarious!

Caleb - So cute and funny!

Madeleine - is that a smile or a grimace?

Christopher - note how the head is so much larger than the body!

But in all, we had a fun time at the museum, and learned a lot about Augusta at the same time.


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