Possible Job…Then a Let-Down…Then a Possibility

My husband applied to a job posting on Monday night last week. It was in Daytona Beach, for a paper that is about the same size as the paper he is at now.  He really wanted to go to a larger paper, but it was something, anyway. A positive to the job was he might be able to get a slightly larger salary, and it would get him back to Florida.

They called him Wednesday morning, saying they really liked his resume, etc, could the managing editor call him at a later date to have a phone interview. Of course, he said yes.

So Monday afternoon, the managing editor called; they chatted for almost 45 minutes. At the close of the conversation, they asked for references, which he game. Tuesday afternoon, he kept getting phone calls from his references, saying they had spoken to the newspaper and put in good words for him. We were getting excited! Then Wednesday evening, the managing editor called him back. She said she loved what she had seen on my husband’s resume, loved all the good words from his references, but they just couldn’t afford to pay him the salary he requires. He is too experienced for this paper. Ugh! What a let-down! We thought this might not be the best move, but we are so tired of being in limbo here!


The Friday in the middle of all the Daytona Drama, my husband found THE JOB! The one he’s been looking for. The perfect job. The dream job. So he applied. And he got a colleague, who knows people, to put in a good word. And we’re praying hard.

My husband has been working the military beat at his current job, and has become passionate about working with veterans and the military. This position is with the Wounded Warriors Project, and it is a veteran outreach position. Basically, talking with vets, helping them when needed and where he could, and being out in the field with the veterans. It’s something he’d be perfect at. So we sit here, and pray. Obviously the Daytona job was not the right one, we’re praying that this one is.


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