Been Gone Awhile

It’s been a crazy few months at our house this summer. My husband hasn’t found another job, but we had to find another house, as the lease was up on the house we were living in. God planned it all out. Some friends of ours had moved last summer to Atlanta, but hadn’t been able to rent their house, as the school district it is in is not necessarily the most desirable. 

It’s the perfect fit for our family, however. As we homeschool, the schools don’t really make that much of a difference to us. It’s a long drive for my husband to work (about 15-20 minutes, still not too bad) but we are, literally, half a mile from our church. All our friends live out here; our dentist and doctor is out here; Target is out here(!). So it’s a better move. The kids loved it, because it’s a  new house, but they don’t have to make new friends.

We also started school the second week of August. Here in Georgia, they start school early and take breaks often. We also finish school right as May turns to June, so that’s nice.

I’ll be trying to get back to posting more often as we keep up with school. I’ve got a 2nd grader, 1st grader and Pre-K-er this year; we have a new school room in the new house and we have expanded our curriculum choices a bit this year. I really like what we have going on, so I’m excited to share it!


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