Been Gone Awhile

It’s been a crazy few months at our house this summer. My husband hasn’t found another job, but we had to find another house, as the lease was up on the house we were living in. God planned it all out. Some friends of ours had moved last summer to Atlanta, but hadn’t been able to rent their house, as the school district it is in is not necessarily the most desirable. 

It’s the perfect fit for our family, however. As we homeschool, the schools don’t really make that much of a difference to us. It’s a long drive for my husband to work (about 15-20 minutes, still not too bad) but we are, literally, half a mile from our church. All our friends live out here; our dentist and doctor is out here; Target is out here(!). So it’s a better move. The kids loved it, because it’s a  new house, but they don’t have to make new friends.

We also started school the second week of August. Here in Georgia, they start school early and take breaks often. We also finish school right as May turns to June, so that’s nice.

I’ll be trying to get back to posting more often as we keep up with school. I’ve got a 2nd grader, 1st grader and Pre-K-er this year; we have a new school room in the new house and we have expanded our curriculum choices a bit this year. I really like what we have going on, so I’m excited to share it!


Pondering Proverbs

I’ve been reading through the book of Proverbs this month. I have to say, I’ve never done it. However, it has 31 chapters and this month has 31 days, so I’m taking it a chapter-a-day. Usually a just read a verse or two that go along with whatever else I’m reading.

Here are a few interesting (at least to me!) things that I found along the way. 1-There are three chapters in a row, right near the beginning, about being aware of adultery. I mean, I know it’s a sin and that Solomon talked about it, but three chapters in a row! That tells me how important it really is! 2-Solomon wanted his son, whom Proverbs was written to, to be a wise man. He is continuously telling him, over and over, how a wise man is better than a fool. OVER AND OVER! He, and God, have no patience for fools. They “Pity the Fool!” (Yup, there’s my Mr. T reference for the day.) And 3-, there is a simple way to become wise; ask God for wisdom and obey what he says. God blesses the one who does this.

I’m focused on becoming wise. Why? Because God says to be. Why else? Because it makes my life easier. We are in a big decision-making period in our lives at home, and we don’t want to make the wrong decision for our family. It’s not like if you make the wrong decision about where to go to dinner; this decision will affect the next several years of our life (or longer!).

Sometimes I pray to God and tell him that I just don’t know what to do. I don’t have the answers. We are still waiting on a clear answer from Him but the time is getting short. Sometimes it is hard to know when to continue to wait and when to take action to provide for our family.


Madeleine’s science co-op class has been going through the days of creation; studying light and dark, sun and moon, plants and animals, etc. When they got to the animals, she was sent home with four caterpillars. Three formed chrysallises; when they emerged, they were Painted Lady Butterflies! How fun that the boys and I got to experience this with her. She named all three; Goldie and Eleanor were the first to emerge, while Maggie waited until the next day. She must have stared into this netting all day, watching them stretch their wings. SO MUCH FUN!

We put a container with honey water in it in the net; a paper towel hung out for the butterflies to eat. We also put leaves and such in to imitate their natural habitat. We were hoping they would lay eggs, but they never did. We read that they would only live about two days, but they ended up living about a week.

Cheese Empanadas

Have you ever made empanadas before? They remind me of pizza pockets or calzones. My husband really likes them; growing up in South America, they ate empanadas all the time. So for the end-of-the-year party at our co-op, I decided to bring them to share. I never have much success with the dough, though, so I was really hesitant to make them. UNTIL I discovered pre-made frozen empanada dough! Amazing! I did have to go to the Hispanic market, but the package was only $2. Well worth my wasted time and effort to make gross dough!

So anyway, I thought I would share the (EASY) recipe, along with photos, so you can make your own. Although I was only making cheese empanadas, you could easily add ham, so it’s more like a sandwich, or pepperonis for a calzone taste.

Leave the frozen dough disks on the counter for about an hour to defrost. Don’t try to pull them apart while frozen, you’ll only tear them. Separate a few eggs and save the egg white; you don’t need the yolks. Whisk the whites together a little bit.

Pour several tablespoons of oil in a pan and turn the heat on medium high. You want the oil to heat to about 350 for cooking.

Lay the thawed dough disks on the counter or pan. I used a pan for easier clean up. Brush the egg white mixture on one side of each disk.

Place your filling in the middle. Again, I just used shredded mozzarella cheese, so it was easy. Get creative with your own filling!

Fold the dough over in half, forming a half moon. Use a fork to press down around the curved edges.

Place the empanadas in the hot oil. Allow them to cook for two to three minutes, or until lightly browned.

Turn the empanadas over and allow them to cook on the second side.

Place the finished empanadas on a paper towel to soak up some of the oil. Allow them to cool several minutes before eating.

Dip the empanadas into pizza sauce, sour cream or salsa. Almost anything tastes good with these!

A First For My Kids

Last year, a group got together in our small town; the group is full of homeschoolers, and all we do is go to the playground. It’s a chance for the kids to play and the moms to chat for about an hour or so. Occasionally, we’ll plan a ‘field trip’, but it’s always really low-key.

One of the mom’s planned an ‘end of the year party’ this week at Chuck-E-Cheese. My kids were sooo excited! They had never been before. I was hesitant to go, as I haven’t been since I worked a summer day camp (I always hated Chuck-E-Cheese day!). But I made a sacrifice and went. The good news is, the place was virtually empty on a Tuesday morning during the school year! I gave my kids each 20 tokens and they had a blast! We even came home with 20 tokens to save for the next time (whenever that is).

Christopher went with Caleb so they could go really high.

Madeleine riding some sort of race horse game. No tickets from this one, so it wasn’t played again!

Caleb and Chuck-E-Cheese

Such an awesome time!

Have you taken your kids to Chuck-E-Cheese recently? What did you think? It hasn’t changed all that much in the 12 years since I’ve been!

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