A First For My Kids

Last year, a group got together in our small town; the group is full of homeschoolers, and all we do is go to the playground. It’s a chance for the kids to play and the moms to chat for about an hour or so. Occasionally, we’ll plan a ‘field trip’, but it’s always really low-key.

One of the mom’s planned an ‘end of the year party’ this week at Chuck-E-Cheese. My kids were sooo excited! They had never been before. I was hesitant to go, as I haven’t been since I worked a summer day camp (I always hated Chuck-E-Cheese day!). But I made a sacrifice and went. The good news is, the place was virtually empty on a Tuesday morning during the school year! I gave my kids each 20 tokens and they had a blast! We even came home with 20 tokens to save for the next time (whenever that is).

Christopher went with Caleb so they could go really high.

Madeleine riding some sort of race horse game. No tickets from this one, so it wasn’t played again!

Caleb and Chuck-E-Cheese

Such an awesome time!

Have you taken your kids to Chuck-E-Cheese recently? What did you think? It hasn’t changed all that much in the 12 years since I’ve been!


D is for Dinosaur

Buster has been doing letters of the alphabet each week. We are taking it slow, and I’m not having him write the letters at all. He just turned 3, and I’m basically giving him “school” to do while his older brother and sister are doing their school. So this week was the letter “D” (sorry I haven’t posted about other letters!) and he had a blast. He loves dinosaurs, so we went with that theme. Also, his 3rd birthday was the same week, so we decorated his cake with dinos.

He made dots on the “D” outline with bingo painters (we love those things)!  I pulled some of the dinosaurs we had from the kids rooms for him to play with that week, as well.

He loved playing with both the big and little dinosaurs. We compared the sizes and the colors of the dinosaurs.

Ballerina wanted to play with the dotters, as well, so they became a simple painting tool. Super easy to clean up, as well!

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